11 H

Oodlevill Children's Story Books And Plush Dolls

  • Oodleville is a series of children's storybooks and plush dolls etc. (14 main characters each with individual books) Bubba, the reporter for Oodleville news is the first Oodle to leave Oodleville and come to the the human world. Our investor or investors will benefit ...
  • US$ 200,000
  • Los Angeles, Ca, California, United States
17 H

Talent For Development

  • To take already established hiphop artist to the next level. We are a very talented group who could do amazing things in the entertainment industry. The only thing holding us back is money. Startup would help not only us as the talent progress but those that decide to go through ...
  • US$ 100,000
  • Charlottesville, Va, Virginia, United States
17 H

Relocating Pet Grooming Business

  • My space that I’m leasing is no longer available, must be out by this coming spring. I need to move my business, along with 3 other pet groomers. I will need about 20, 000 dollars to prepare the new space, advertise, and get some new equipment. The angel could add interest to ...
  • US$ 20,000
  • Maple Plain Mn, Minnesota, United States
21 H

Number One Entertainment

  • Independent Music Label Talent will be signed and developed from multiple genres. Projects will be produced and distributed through multiple online and offline distributors. Any music will also be licensed and registered through PROs (performance rights organizations) in order ...
  • US$ 100,000
  • Denver, Colorado, United States
23 H

Todays Greatest Inventions Tomorrows Better Life

  • My venture has to do with every day life and tge people who inhabit the earth this venture is a everyday basic need for the lives of our families and this venture is if not by far one of the 21st century best inventions it has to be just what the people of our families are ...
  • US$ 45,000
  • Madison Wi, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, United States
1 D

I Need A Serious Investor To Open A Family Restaurant In A High Demand Area

  • Hello my name is Michael Ramos, and my dream over the past 25 years is to own my own successful restaurant in New Bedford, MA. I have created a very unique menu with fresh food from scratch with pricing below my competitors prices. I am a talented certified cook with a strong ...
  • US$10,000 - US$50,000
  • New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
1 D

4k Needed For Proven Profitable Game Released In Three Weeks

  • Game WILL BE RELEASED IN THREE WEEKS -Tower defense game with 40 levels -In game currency with a full store with over 24 items all consumable -Price to unlock all levels 10 free 30 are paid for $3. 99 to unlock -3 different themes for each world in the tower defense game -IOS, ...
  • US$ 4,000
  • Nutley, New Jersey, New York, United States
1 D

Looking For Investors And / Or Partners For A 420 (cannabis) Candy Co.

  • Looking for investors and / or partners for a 420 (Cannabis) Candy Co. I have a handle on my product, my market and my customers, and I'm ready to accept an investment that'll help me grow / I'm ready for a partner to help me take this to the next level, The 420 ...
  • US$ 250,000
  • Ephrata, Wa, Washington, United States
1 D

1 Of A Kind Life Size Bronze Sculpture Inspired By Pablo Picasso

  • Hi I am the Artist Richard Henry Johnston jr. Pablo Picasso Quoted In Art there is known past or future & that a valid work Is Capable Of Living Always In The Present. It took Me some Years to figure out what He meant. Now I am working on a Life Size Bronze Sculpture ...
  • US$ 50,000
  • San Diego, California, United States
1 D

In Our City The First Columbus Ohio All Film Company, Focused On Building Up Ohio

  • In Our City is a first of it's kind film company, being their is no filming company focused on just film, TV, and internet in our dear city it will have no competitors and by Columbus having a large film taxes break and their is a very flexible film commission that is open ...
  • US$ 230,000,000
  • Columbus, Ohio, Ohio, United States
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