1 H

Special Additive For Transforming Normal Plastic Into A Compostable Plastic

  • For the past four years we have been developing and laboratory testing a unique additive that will transform. tradional plastic products into biodegradable and / or compostable products. A patent application has been written and is ready for submission. A hundred million metric ...
  • US$ 1,000,000
  • Arlington. Near Seattle, Washington, United States
6 H

18% Per Year Note Guaranteed By Accounts Receivables

  • For the investor looking for an above average yield. The offer to you is from a U. S. based company on a Note paying 1. 5% per month (18% per year) guaranteed by purchase contracts already in place worth over USD $160 Million. The bulk of the sales are from China because of the ...
  • US$ 100,000
  • Los Angeles, Ca Area, California, United States
14 H

Seeking Funding And / Or Partners

  • Looking to start a couple of businesses. One will be an independent record label. We will sign and develop talent in multiple genres. Projects produced will be promoted and distributed in creative and innovative ways, online and physically. A team will be formed in order to help ...
  • US$ 200,000
  • Denver, Colorado, United States
20 H

A Men's Clothing Company. Bringing Back Class And The Art Of Being A Gentleman.

  • The Hunter Apparel company is company which focuses not only the the external but the internal. We make mens custom clothing. We take the idea of custom clothing and make it not only a rich mans novelty. We are lowering the prices of buying custom, and bring custom clothing into ...
  • US$ 5,000
  • Boston, Massachusetts, United States
1 D

One Solution To The Energy Shortage / Problem, More To Come

  • What I really need is someone who understands what is going on in the world, honest, knowledgeable, intelligent or teachable and realizes that money isn't everything but has some nevertheless and willing to risk some of it. Ultimately someone who is interested in freedom, ...
  • US$ 10,000
  • Boise, Id, United States
1 D

Waste Industry Inovation

  • I am seeking an investor / partner. The product we will bring to market can revolutionize the commercial waste industry. Three patents have been acquired since project inception, 2008. The invention has been well received. Several companies have offered to purchase and implement ...
  • US$ 200,000
  • Tampa, United States
2 D

Oodlevill Children's Story Books And Plush Dolls

  • Oodleville is a series of children's storybooks and plush dolls etc. (14 main characters each with individual books) Bubba, the reporter for Oodleville news is the first Oodle to leave Oodleville and come to the the human world. Our investor or investors will benefit ...
  • US$ 200,000
  • Los Angeles, Ca, California, United States
2 D

Talent For Development

  • To take already established hiphop artist to the next level. We are a very talented group who could do amazing things in the entertainment industry. The only thing holding us back is money. Startup would help not only us as the talent progress but those that decide to go through ...
  • US$ 100,000
  • Charlottesville, Va, Virginia, United States
2 D

Relocating Pet Grooming Business

  • My space that I’m leasing is no longer available, must be out by this coming spring. I need to move my business, along with 3 other pet groomers. I will need about 20, 000 dollars to prepare the new space, advertise, and get some new equipment. The angel could add interest to ...
  • US$ 20,000
  • Maple Plain Mn, Minnesota, United States
2 D

Number One Entertainment

  • Independent Music Label WE ARE SEEKING INVESTORS WHO CAN HELP WITH START UP CAPITAL. Talent will be signed and developed from multiple genres. Projects will be produced and distributed through multiple online and offline distributors. Any music will also be licensed and ...
  • US$ 75,000
  • Denver, Colorado, United States
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